PATRIMONIO IN COMUNE. CONOSCERE È PARTECIPARE (HERITAGE IN COMMON. KNOWLEDGE THROUGH PARTICIPATION) is an educational programme of the Sovrintendenza Capitolina ai Beni Culturali (Capitoline Superintendence for the Cultural Heritage) meant for students (primary and secondary school) and teachers and aimed at divulging Rome’s extraordinary cultural heritage, which includes one of the largest and most stratified UNESCO sites in the world.

A sequence of archaeological remains, monumental complexes, stately mansions, historical gardens and contemporary architectures to be discovered in the city’s territory.

Moreover, in the civic museums, archaeological, historical-artistic and naturalistic collections, from prehistory to the present.

A special program of meetings in virtual classrooms in order to take part even at a distance in the educational activities that the Capitoline Superintendence has specifically designed when “closeness” is not immediately viable.

PAD – PATRIMONIO A DISTANZA (HERITAGE AT A DISTANCE) is an innovative programme introduced this year to support the restart of schools.


  • to develop a sense of belonging to a common history and become aware of our heritage;
  • to become part of a great shared “workshop” where students can participate actively in processes of knowledge, care and protection of Rome’s cultural heritage;
  • to take part in formative events and opportunities which communicate with the educational activities of the schools and with the curricular needs of the teachers;
  • to enjoy high quality scientific educational activities designed by the Superintendency’s art and archaeology curators.


With over 200 diversified activities interactively designed by means of consolidated strategies and experimental methods of communication.


In our civic museums, archaeological sites, monumental complexes and in the entire territory of the city. For the meetings at a distance, in virtual classrooms.